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Logitek is a Global IT Support Company that provides managed IT Solutions , technical support, computer repair and VOIP phone services for your business.
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Managed Services

We can manage your IT services for a flat fee. Your one-stop solution in improving employee productivity
Our managed services and monitoring help prevent problems before they happen.

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Cloud computing

Logitek Cloud can help your Business take advantage of Cloud Services.
Our cloud-hosted architecture is state of the art. We provide file backup, data redundancy, sophisticated disaster recovery solutions, remote access to corporate applications and file sharing.

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Business recovery

Create a Technology Recovery Plan and install automatic local and cloud backup that protects your business data.

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VOIP solutions

Join Logitek with our reliable VOIP services: Security, Cost-Effective, Increased Productivity, Portability, Automated Assistance, Excellent Call Quality.

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About Us

30 years in business
Let us make the technology work for you
Been there done that. Logitek is in business since 1987.

Since Logitek started in 1987, we provide top quality services with excellent software development solutions and reliable professional IT service.

We were already delivering remote network solutions before they called it CLOUD. Our key asset is skills, communication, and quality. We provide software development, hardware support, software support and help desk, with all the bells and whistles our new technology has to offer.

To support our clients, we use remote management and motoring tools, automation, computer asset management, hardware and software inventory tracking, desktop software tracking and performance monitoring.
Our TICKET system keeps track of all client inquiries or problems.

  • Faster problem resolution leads to more productivity

  • Proactive maintenance prevents issues

  • Know your IT expenses ahead of time

  • Backup and disaster recovery methods and best practices

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Logitek is now associated with a VOIP industry leader know for innovation and quality of services. Contact Logitek for our offering.
Join Logitek with our reliable VOIP solutions * Security * Cost-Effective * Increased Productivity * Portability * Automated Assistance. * Excellent Call Quality. 

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